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Our Radiation Therapy Staff

Radiation therapy is an important part of many cancer patients’ total treatment plan. During radiation treatments, carefully targeted and measured doses of radiation are administered to your body. The radiation produces highly energized ions that gradually shrink and destroy cancer cells.

Radiation Oncologist: The radiation oncologist is the team leader and has completed the rigorous requirements to become a radiation oncologist. The radiation oncologist will review your specific case, consulting with you and your other physicians, and plan the best course of treatment to meet your individual needs.

Radiation Oncology Nurse: The radiation oncology nurse educates cancer patients and their families, while monitoring patients for signs and symptoms related to radiation therapy and cancer. The nurse has specialized training in caring for cancer patients and serves as a direct assistant to the radiation oncologist in all patient clinical visits.

Medical Physicist: Medical physicists are the ultimate quality assurance reviewers on the team. They assure that all treatment plans are correct, that the equipment is operating correctly and is properly calibrated, and all treatments are delivered at the correct dose, as prescribed by the radiation oncologist.

Medical Dosimetrist: The medical dosimetrist takes the prescription prescribed by the radiation oncologist, calculates the dose for each treatment, and plans how best to deliver the radiation dose to the area where cancer cells are located. The primary responsibility of the medical dosimetrist is to design treatments that effectively target the cancer cells while sparing the normal tissues.

Radiation Therapists: Radiation therapists are the members of the team who administer your radiation treatments. They prepare each patient for treatment, deliver the radiation, record and verify each treatment, and monitor you during your therapy. They receive extensive education in physics, radiation safety, anatomy, and patient care; and are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

Front Office Staff: The front office staff are the first faces you’ll see when you arrive at our Center. They handle your intake and paperwork, guide you toward information, and lead you to other members of the team to answer your questions.

Nutritionist: Nutritionists may work with you on an individualized dietary plan. They can help you maximize your nutrition to keep your strength while undergoing radiation therapy, and assist you in maintaining caloric intake while choosing healthy options to improve your overall health.