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During Your Stay

Enhancing Your Stay at BID Plymouth

Books and Crafts

The Book Mobile is available every weekday and a Craft Cart makes patient rounds on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Craft Cart has crossword puzzles, word games, playing cards and kits to make simple crafts. These are provided as a courtesy to patients by the Beth Israel Deaconess–Plymouth Club and are staffed by volunteers.

Televisions and Radios

Each patient room is equipped with a cable-connected color television with closed captioning capability and one FM radio station. The television is made available through a private company. A separate brochure or TV broadcast will describe any charges.

On-Demand Patient & Family Educational Video System

Beth Israel Deaconess–Plymouth offers informational videos for you or your loved ones to view in the privacy of your hospital room. These videos encompass a wide range of topics and are available via the On-Demand Video System through your hospital room television.

To use the On-Demand Video System, please follow these instructions:

  1. Turn on the television in your room and tune to channel 40
  2. Dial ext. 4999 from the phone in your room
  3. Follow the recorded voice prompts for your video selection
  4. The recording will ask for your extension, which is the four-digit number that should be posted in your room. The recording also will ask for a three-digit video number —  please choose from the following:
  • Heart Related Topics
    100 Coping with Heart Illness (patient issues)
    101 Coping with Heart Illness (couples issues)
    102 Coping with Heart Illness (family issues)
    111 Women and Heart Disease
    112 Exercise and Heart Failure Patients
  • Pulmonary Topics
    135 Breathing Retraining and Pulmonary Disease
  • Diabetes Topics
    150 Type I Diabetes
    151 Type II Diabetes
    152 Sick Day Management
    153 Diabetes Complications
    154 Lilly Insulin Pen
  • New Parent Topics
    170 Breastfeeding How-to
    171 Newborn: Starting Out Safe
    172 Home Before You Know It
  • Endoscopic Topics
    277 Colorectal Cancer

More selections will be added as they become available. If you have any questions or comments about the system’s operation, please speak with your nurse.

Smoking Policy

Every day we treat people suffering from diseases caused by smoking. Beth Israel Deaconess–Plymouth is a non-smoking facility. Please remember that smoking is not permitted anywhere inside or on the grounds.