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Knee Replacement Surgery

Robot-Assisted Knee Surgery

With one of the state’s lowest complication rates from knee surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Plymouth (BID Plymouth) is already known for its top-quality orthopedic care. Robot-assisted orthopedic surgery, the most precise knee replacement technology available in the region, is not new to BID Plymouth. We were one of the first hospitals south of Boston to offer robot-assisted partial knee replacements and robot-assisted total knee replacements.

First, a CT scan of the diseased joint is taken. This CT scan is uploaded into the robot technology system software, where a 3D model of your joint will be created. This 3D model is then used to pre-plan and assist orthopedic surgeons in performing your joint replacement.

While in the operating room, the surgeon follows the personalized surgical plan and prepares the bone for the implant. The robotic arm guides your orthopedic surgeon within the pre-defined area and helps prevent the surgeon from moving outside the planned boundaries. This helps to provide more accurate placement and alignment of your implant.

Typically, patients can experience joint pain for different reasons. It's important to talk to us about the reason for your knee pain so you can understand the treatment options available to you.

Pain from arthritis and joint degeneration can be constant or come and go, occur with movement or after a period of rest, or be located in one spot or many parts of the body. It is common for patients to first try medication and other conservative treatments to treat their knee or hip pain.

If you haven't experienced adequate relief with those treatment options, you may be a candidate for robot-assisted surgery, which may provide you with relief from your pain.

We offer robot-assisted procedures for:

Robotic technology can be used for partial knee replacement (PKR), which is a procedure designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis (OA) in one or two compartments of the knee. BID Plymouth orthopedic surgeons have been performing robot-assisted partial knee replacements since 2013 with great results.

By selectively targeting the part of your knee damaged by OA, orthopedic surgeons can replace the diseased part of your knee while helping to spare the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding it. The robotic technology provides surgeons with a patient-specific 3D model to pre-plan your partial knee replacement. During surgery, they guide the robotic-arm based on your patient-specific plan. This allows them to remove only the diseased bone, preserving healthy bone and soft tissue, and assists them in positioning the implant based on your anatomy.

The robot-assisted total knee replacement treatment option is for adults living with mid- to late-stage osteoarthritis of the knee. During the total knee replacement surgery, our orthopedic surgeons guide the robotic-arm to position the implant in the knee joint based on your patient-specific plan. The robotic-arm system also allows your surgeon to make adjustments to your plan during surgery as needed.

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Pre-Op Knee Replacement Class

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