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Continuing Care Nursery at the BirthPlace

BID Plymouth's Neonatology Program includes our Continuing Care Nursery (CCN), a dedicated Level 1B nursery that provides specialized care for premature and term newborns requiring extra time to recover and mature before going home. Our Continuing Care Nursery is supported onsite by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Neonatologist Barbara Shephard, MD, and other neonatologists from BIDMC.

About BIDMC Neonatology Care

When more advanced neonatology care is required, our onsite BIDMC neonatologists work directly with the BIDMC Department of Neonatology to provide medical oversight for all infants transferred to BIDMC. The BIDMC Department of Neonatology also provides and coordinates medical care including high frequency ventilation and a full range of pediatric subspecialty services for high-risk newborns in the neonatal intensive and intermediate care units. Meet the BIDMC Neonatology Team.

Critical Milestones Before a Baby Goes Home

  • Full recovery from breathing problems
  • Ability to maintain temperature in an open crib
  • Consistently gaining weight and growing
  • Consistently good breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • Mature breathing control, including a monitored spell-free period of typically 5-7 days
  • Recommended screenings for newborn infants include: hearing; certain kinds of heart abnormalities; and rare, but treatable, metabolic disorders
  • Additional screenings for prematurely born infants including: car seat safety and sometimes eye exams

Continuing Care Nursery (Level 1B)

  • Parents are encouraged to take part in their newborn's care, and staff offer on-going support and education to assure parent's confidence and ability to care for baby prior to going home
  • While we are pleased to offer 24-hour-per-day visitation, grandparents, friends and siblings must be accompanied by a parent and the number of visitors at any one time is limited.
  • In order to minimize risk of exposure to infection, children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the nursery between Nov 1 and April 1
  • Safety and security is always a priority: The BirthPlace is locked with 24-hour video surveillance. The CCN is within the BirthPlace.

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