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Cardiovascular Treatment

Specialized Treatment Plans

Patients at BID Plymouth suffering an acute heart attack have the resources of both BID Plymouth and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) working for them. BIDMC cardiovascular specialists and BID Plymouth's cardiologists and Emergency Medicine specialists are in immediate, direct communication concerning the patient, sharing information and test results to ensure the best treatment plan. Specialists in advanced heart failure at BIDMC are also working with physicians at BID Plymouth to help implement a uniform program for patients with heart failure and other complex cardiac conditions. It is the partnership’s goal to develop expertise and services to deliver cutting edge care for all patients, regardless of where they get sick.

BID Plymouth's cardiac arrhythmia specialists are on hand to provide advanced care for any patient concerns regarding an irregular heartbeat. BID Plymouth also offers in-depth electrophysiology studies, designed to evaluate, diagnose, and treat abnormalities of the heart’s rhythm. In the Electrophysiology study, electrode wires are used to record or create electrical activity in the heart, helping to locate and correct abnormalities of cardiac rhythm, with use of medications, catheter-based interventions, and implant of devices designed to normalize rhythm and maintain appropriate cardiac pacemaker function. These procedures are performed both at BID Plymouth and in Boston by BIDMC Arrhythmia Services depending on the level of complexity.

Cardiovascular services at BID Plymouth also include cardio-oncology consultations with a cardiologist who can help patients minimize adverse effects on their heart that may result from cancer treatment. The team works in close collaboration with the BIDMC Cardio-Oncology Program in Boston.