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Anesthesia Billing and Contact Information

Anesthesia Billing Questions & Answers

Will I get a bill for Anesthesia?

Yes. If you were seen by a member of the anesthesia team you will receive a bill from the Anesthesiologist for the professional fee and a separate bill from Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Plymouth for the anesthetics (drugs & equipment) used to perform the service.

Will my insurance cover the charges?

You should always check with your insurance company directly, as each insurance company has many different plans. Most plans do cover anesthesia services to some extent, but we have no way of knowing what your individual plan will cover. You will be responsible for copayments and deductibles and services not covered by your health insurance.

Why is there a duplicate charge on my bill?

Some insurance companies require us to bill for the anesthesiologist and CRNA (Nurse Anesthetist) on individual lines. This will look like a duplicate charge to the patient; however, the insurance companies that require this billing method will make payment based on one charge and divide the payment into two parts. In turn, we will make any adjustments necessary to meet the federal billing requirements. The patient does not pay more due to this method of billing. In fact, it is a patient safety method put into place by the government to monitor the practice of anesthesia.

Do you accept credit cards?


I do not have insurance; what should I do?

Please contact the anesthesia billing office at 1-866-717-7300 prior to having surgery so that we can discuss your payment options.

Are you contracted with my insurance company?

We are contracted with many local and government insurance companies. It is always best to check with your insurance company directly. You may also contact the anesthesia billing office at 1-866-717-7300.

Where can I send correspondence or payments for the anesthesiologist?

Correspondence or payments should be sent to:

Anesthesia Financial Solutions, LLC
144 Gould Street, #150
Needham Heights, MA 02494
Phone: 866-717-7300
Fax: 781-453-7350