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Reconstructive Surgery Services

About Reconstructive Surgery at BID Plymouth

Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Malin, BID Plymouth’s Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Vein Center offers a variety of reconstructive surgical procedures to restore or improve patients' function, quality of life, and appearance using the latest, most effective surgical approaches.

When appropriate, Dr. Malin works in collaboration with other surgical specialists to ensure that each patient's care is well-coordinated. This collaborative approach helps patients achieve the best possible functional and aesthetic outcomes.

Learn more about our reconstructive surgical services below.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Dr. Malin provides abdominal wall reconstruction for patients with:

  • Complex hernias too difficult to treat with standard methods
  • Recurring hernias
  • Open wounds that cannot be closed through other means
  • Abdominal scar tissue that complicates healing
  • Traumatic injuries

The abdominal wall protects the organs with three layers of muscle. During abdominal wall reconstruction, Dr. Malin will redistribute abdominal tissue and muscles so that the musculature is located as close to the midline as possible. This corrects abdominal weakness and restores support to organs and tissues.

For hernia repair, Dr. Malin’s approach differs from the traditional method, in which a general surgeon places a mesh patch over an area of weakened tissue. These repairs may fail if the abdominal muscle becomes scarred, holding the different muscle layers together. He will separate the muscles and rearrange them so that the hernia can be closed and the area supported as it heals. In other cases, infections or open wounds may complicate hernia repair. Abdominal wall reconstruction provides a way to reshape the abdomen and reinforce the repair with a bioprosthetic patch that is gradually absorbed into the body.

Head and Neck Reconstruction

Dr. Malin will work in partnership with the Division of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery to provide reconstructive surgery of the head and neck for trauma patients and for patients with aesthetic (cosmetic) concerns.

We also provide reconstruction for patients treated for cancer, including those with:

  • Cancers of the oral cavity, including cancers of the larynx, pharynx, or salivary glands
  • Advanced cancers of the skin in the head and neck region (melanoma, basal cell, and squamous cell carcinoma)

Dr. Malin’s surgical technique aims to restore or improve patients' function, quality of life, and appearance using the latest, most effective surgical approaches.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction (following Mohs surgery)

After removal of skin cancer, Dr. Malin works with the Dermatologist to offer procedures that may improve the contour or appearance of the skin or improve the appearance of the scar after Mohs surgery.


For patients who suffer from painful sexual intercourse or discomfort during exercise due to excess soft tissue of the labia majora or minora, Dr. Malin can remove the redundant tissue.

Complex Wound Reconstruction

Dr. Malin offers surgical closure of complex wounds including cases of decubitus ulcers, hidradenitis, surgical or post-traumatic injuries.

To enhance recovery and reduce risk of complications after surgery, we prefer patients to be nicotine free and physically fit prior to surgery. Any patient who is obese (with a BMI of 30 and above) may not qualify and will be encouraged to lose weight before surgery.