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Cranberry Hospice's Mission & Philosophy

Cranberry Hospice

36 Cordage Park Circle
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Our Mission

Cranberry Hospice's mission is to provide excellent end-of-life care to our community.

Our Philosophy of Care

At Cranberry Hospice, we believe that quality hospice care is centered on creating an environment that instills meaning and purpose to those facing life-limiting illness. For us, quality hospice care is about giving strength, support, comfort and compassion to people who are living in the final phase of their lives. By leveraging our skills in pain and symptom management, we strive to allow individuals to be defined by their relationships, their emotions, their accomplishments, their thoughts, their plans and their values rather than by their disease. Using all of the resources available to us, we will work to protect the quality of an individual's life. Physical and emotional freedom, dignity and the right of choice are goals for every Cranberry Hospice patient.

We believe that through education, we can change the perception that hospice care is simply about the last days or moments of life. It is our belief that individuals who are given early access to quality hospice care have better symptom control and therefore an increased quality of life. To that goal, we provide on-going education to the medical community and to the community in general on the value of palliative care and hospice services. On behalf of our patients, we believe we need to facilitate effective, collaborative relationships across the continuum of health care.

At Cranberry Hospice, we develop educational resources designed to enhance the availability, the scope and the quality of healthcare services. By creating an atmosphere of quality and caring, we will foster a high standard of excellence in patient care and encourage the personal and professional growth of healthcare providers.

Cranberry Hospice's plan of care is based on an on-going, comprehensive assessment of an individual's physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals assumes the responsibility for coordinating all aspects of an individual's care based on the plan. We accept the responsibility of integrating personal preferences and desires with realistic expectation and acknowledge the need to be skillful and creative in involving the resources of the community to effectively meet our patient's needs. In order to ensure the quality of our service, we need to continually assess and reassess our skills, measure and improve the effectiveness of our care and routinely evaluate feedback from those whose lives we touch. We recognize the need to accomplish our goals while being fiscally responsible and accountable for the allocation of our goods and services. By incorporating the concepts of thoughtful growth and quality improvement, we continue on the path toward excellence.

At Cranberry Hospice, we recognize that it is an honor to be invited into the homes and lives of individuals facing life-limiting illness. We accept the challenge of giving strength, support and a voice to those whose needs and preferences may not be heard by others. We also believe it is our responsibility to be present and to provide support and guidance to families, friends and the community through the process of grieving in the months following a patient's death. Cranberry Hospice actively respects, values and cares for the minds, the bodies, and the spirits of those living with a life-limiting illness. We remain present and passionate about both protecting and advancing the practice and understanding of quality end-of-life care.

Cranberry Hospice Values

The Cranberry Hospice Team values:

  • Patient and family focused goals and outcomes
  • Creative and innovative ways to help achieve our goals
  • >Honest interactions and informed consent
  • Respecting patient interests and limitations
  • Honoring and advocating for patient and family’s dignity and needs
  • Committed and enthusiastic care which promotes living life to the fullest
  • Compassionate understanding and consistency of service
  • Meeting people where they are
  • Exceeding expectations while fostering independence
  • Fostering hope and courage while preparing for death
  • Healing bereavement services
  • Treating everyone, as we would have our loved ones treated