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Meet Our PFAC Members

Susan Frost

Sue Frost, BID Plymouth PFACIn 2013, I retired and moved with my husband to The Pinehills in Plymouth.

After spending 16 years as a Patient Advocate in two Boston hospitals and earning a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management, I felt a strong urge to continue to contribute to patients and their families during my retirement years.

Being a BID Plymouth PFAC member is now allowing me to continue down this path by joining subcommittees (currently The Conversation Project, emphasizing end-of-life care and BID Talks, developing communication vehicles between the community and the hospital covering patient expectations and hospital services).

Where appropriate, I would also hope to add new ideas and suggestions to the PFAC committee going forward.

Susan Grassie

In 2005, my husband and I moved to Plymouth from Hanover after selling our family home to one of our daughters. Seven years later, I retired from the American Red Cross Biomedical Services where I worked as Director of Blood Donor Recruitment Marketing Operations.

I had two retirement goals: one was to become a Nutritional Health Coach as a new part time second career and the other, to give back to the community in some fashion. I accomplished my first goal and then decided that a hospital environment might be the perfect choice for applying my health care background and to fill my desire to help people.

A friend of mine had heard of the Patient Family Advisory Council so I applied and was accepted. I am honored to be part of this counsel. I have learned a lot about the hospital’s goals, challenges and its mission to be a responsive multi-faceted resource to the community.

Since I joined the PFAC two years ago, I have participated primarily in educating the public on preparing for end of life. It is beyond satisfying to work with a committed group of people and to learn from them as well. I look forward to our future programs and efforts to provide patients and other community members with whatever help is needed.

Christina Karam

As my father taught me, I believe that contributing to the community is my civic responsibility, and I became interested in supporting BID-Plymouth’s efforts through its Vice President of External Relations, Andrea Holleran. From her, I learned about and was impressed by the many ways that BID-Plymouth has supported the community. The hospital has also continually strived to improve its patient services, community engagement, and organizational effectiveness. That hooked me!

I joined the PFAC in 2012 and have been pleased to participate in multiple capacities, including co-chair, representative to various hospital committees, and member of PFAC subcommittee programming work. My membership was renewed because I love the council I serve and my continued service was needed, which in turn, has been so gratifying to me. Don’t we all want to feel useful and appreciated when we take time to work with others? Well, that’s how it has felt to me on this committee!

I strongly encourage you to consider submitting your application for membership. There is much to do! We could use people with diverse skills and perspectives, who not only want to help others, but also have a willingness to take on work assignments. It’s a rewarding ride with a terrific group of folks!

Anna Marini

I learned about the opportunity to become a PFAC member by reading the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Plymouth e-newsletter last summer. I was very excited to join the effort because the hospital is a central part of the healthcare community in our area. My family and I live in Sagamore Beach and have utilized the BID-Plymouth hospital and services for almost all our lives. My sister was born there, my parents have had operations there, and we have all utilized the emergency room at one time or another.

The services are vital to our community and we are grateful that they are so accessible for us. So, I contacted the PFAC membership committee and met with Andrea Holleran and Susan Grassie who shared the purpose and involvement required. It sounded great and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to join the PFAC in fall 2016.

For me, being able to actively support the hospital’s efforts to continue connecting with its local communities is very important. I have a background as a hospital administrator and healthcare consultant and felt that in addition to my desire to be an active community member, this background knowledge and interest would come in handy as a PFAC member.

Since joining I have really enjoyed participating in the Conversation Project event, learning more about the BID-Plymouth’s programs, and look forward to having a deeper role in supporting the hospital’s efforts in the community.

Allison McCarthy

When my husband and I decided to come back over the bridge from Cape Cod, we knew that Plymouth is where we wanted to live to retain our easy access to the ocean but also gain the rich history and growing culture of this community. Moving into a 55+ community meant my husband needed something to replace time spent in yard work so he starting volunteering at BID-Plymouth and so enjoyed meeting and connecting with new people.

After feeling a bit settled in our new home, I was ready to start getting more connected to the community as well. Since I've spent my career working with hospitals and physicians, it just seemed natural to reach out to the hospital to see how I could get more involved. I connected with Andrea Holleran, Vice President of External Relations, who I have known for many years, and she shared with me the work that the PFAC was doing to educate the community about "end of life" decisions.

Having experienced first-hand the "gift" loved ones give family members by making clear their “end of life” wishes, I immediately connected with this PFAC effort and wanted to be a part of their educational mission.

The PFAC welcomed me into the fold and we have worked together to provide two community educational programs titled "Have You Had the Conversation Yet?" The numbers in attendance and their receptivity reinforced to us that our work is vital and should continue. We welcome anyone who would like to join this important mission.

Monica Mullen

My husband and I moved to Manomet in 1988, raised our children there and become part of the Plymouth community. I was hired as District Director for the Plymouth & Barnstable Senate District in 2003, and have worked there since. My job includes working directly with constituents, as well as with local organizations, including BID-Plymouth. Over the years, I have been impressed by BID-Plymouth's involvement and commitment to the region, and was very honored to be selected to serve on the PFAC.

I have seen BID-Plymouth respond in a meaningful way to local problems like opioid addiction and mental health services by stepping in and offering direct services, programs and information. I have seen people benefit firsthand and I am grateful to BID-Plymouth and all who have come together to help our neighbors.

I hope to be able to contribute to the PFAC by maintaining strong ties between the community, and the hospital and by recognizing ongoing or unmet needs where we could work together to provide solutions.

Susan Pond

As a Quality Management Specialist Nurse with a diverse background in healthcare and a resident of Plymouth, I was excited to learn of a volunteer opportunity on the PFAC of BID-Plymouth Hospital.

After meeting with Susan Grassie and Andrea Holleran of the PFAC, I learned more specifically about the purpose and goals of the committee. I was convinced that I had found an opportunity that would enable me to use some of the skills and knowledge I had obtained in my career as I transitioned to retirement.

With an understanding of the challenges facing healthcare and the needs of the community’s patients, the PFAC offers its members the rewarding experience of not only impacting the hospital, but also the community in which they live.

Pamella D. Hettwer

In 1981, my husband and I relocated to Plymouth, from NJ. We settled into the downtown area where we raised two children and became invested in the community, its schools and in the growth and development of our (then) small town.

Having been a behavioral therapist for over 20 yrs. and then an educational/patient advocate for Boston Children’s Hospital, I found myself with numerous networking opportunities within the state. How could I expand upon those “gifts” within my own town?

When asked if I would be interested in membership and in the development of the newly established PFAC, I was honored in representing the town. Being involved in many projects, I was given the opportunity of being a “voice” for the towns while also supporting the emerging growth of our community hospital, now known as BID/Plymouth.

Working with many volunteers and goal driven individuals, I am proud to be a member of this committee and the numerous projects developed in benefiting the South Shore communities and the Cape. May we continue to work together in providing the best family and patient experience for all.

Hospital Staff Members

Deborah Dolaway      
Deborah Dolaway
Administrator, Cranberry Hospice & Palliative Care
  Megan Stewart
Patient Advocate