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Our wound-healing treatments include…

  • Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Advanced Wound Dressings
  • Vacuum Assisted Closure™
  • Bioengineered Tissue
  • Debridement
  • Wraps to Decrease Lower Leg Swelling

Support for home-care keeps the healing going…

Patients and their families or caregivers are taught how to care for their wounds at home to further facilitate faster and more permanent healing. The latest approved devices and dressings to promote healing are used.

Hyperbaric therapy

About Hyperbaric treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy uses a special chamber to allow a person to breathe 100% oxygen. HBO is sometimes used to treat conditions such as: Problem wounds that will not heal with conventional therapy Skin grafts and flaps that are infected or have not healed Bones & tissue that have received radiation Bone that has been infected by bacteria A hyperbaric chamber is a large compartment, usually made of acrylic and aluminum, designed to withstand a large increase in internal pressure. The chamber is big enough for patients to lie down and is equipped with a large clear acrylic tube for staff to monitor patients during treatment sessions. How does it work? The air we breathe is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases. Our bodies are usually able to heal themselves with a normal oxygen level, but in certain conditions extra oxygen is required. During HBO therapy, the pressure is increased with 100% oxygen. Breathing pure oxygen under pressure causes much more oxygen than usual to be dissolved in the blood and, subsequently, the rest of the body. The extra oxygen is used in many ways. Depending on the underlying problem, the oxygen can improve wound healing by reducing swelling, keeping infection under control and stimulating new blood vessel growth. Frequency and duration: The number of HBO treatments required varies depending on the patient's condition. Each treatment typically lasts two hours.

Wound Center &
Hyperbaric Medicine

275 Sandwich Street
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 746-2000

Wound Center &
Hyperbaric Center hours
of operation & appointments:

Normal administrative
hours are 8 AM to 5 PM,
Monday through Friday.

To schedule an
appointment, call (508)


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