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The Eben Jordan Legacy Society

LegacyEstablishing a planned gift such as charitable gift annuity, notifying us of a bequest intention, or creating an endowed fund at Jordan makes you a very special member of the Jordan family.  We are grateful for this trust and commitment, and honor those who remember Jordan in this way, with special recognition as members in perpetuity of our Eben Jordan Legacy Society.

Our Society members are recognized and honored in perpetuity on a beautiful glass mural, located in the Atrium of the PIDC Pavilion, at Jordan’s main entrance, and in our philanthropy and annual report and other publications.

A beautiful glass mural recognizing each member of our Eben Jordan Legacy Society is on permanent display in the atrium of the PIDC Pavilion. Society members are also recognized and listed in our printed philanthropic publications. Membership can remain anonymous, and the preference of our members will be honored and respected. 

Additional benefits to our Society members include:

  • Invitation to our annual Eben Jordan Legacy Society appreciation dinner;
  • invitations to Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth celebratory events and activities;
  • timely notification for participation in estate planning seminars, health care lectures; educational events and other informational forums;
  • newsletters, articles, and other updates on Hospital activities.

For more information on planned gifts and joining our Eben Jordan Legacy Society, please call Cindy Outhouse at the Philanthropy Office, at 508-830-2423, or email

Thank you for caring about the future of healthcare in our community.

First Century of Caring 1901 - 2000

Helen Adams
Genevieve M. Ash
Avery Memorial Endowment Fund
Margaret F. Bach Endowment Fund
Ernest H. & Helen D. Bailey
Memorial Fund
Marion T. Baker Endowment Fund
Addie L. Bartlett Endowment Fund
Mary Grafton Bartlett Endowment Fund
Cora M. Beal
George Shore Bell Endowment Fund
Amanda L. Besse Trust
Daniel W. Besse Trust
Sarah Bodwell Endowment Fund
John D. Brewer Endowment Fund
Ellis W. Brewster
Lucile C. Brewster
William Brewster Lead Trust
Sarah C. Bodwell
George R. Briggs
Browning Family Trust
Ellen J. Burnett Endowment Fund
Helen Brewer Chadwick
Ethel Batten Crowell Memorial Endowment Fund
Esther DiMarzio
Freda Doyen
Rebecca Eddy Endowment Fund
Antone F. Enos
Elizabeth H. Faunce Endowment Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan S. Ford Endowment Fund
Arlene A. Fortini
Amelia R. Frumento
Elmer J. Funkhouser, Jr.
Jackson J. and Irene Golden
Josephine E. Goudas
Henry C. Grafton, Jr. Endowment Fund
Elba Cotti Gray
Clarence H. Haines
Samuel H. Hall Endowment Fund
Dr. Harold H. Hamilton
Memorial Fund
Ellis W. Harlow Endowment Fund
Ethel Noyes Hathaway
The John T. Hathaway, Jr. Trust
Elizabeth Hayward
Mr. & Mrs. Colby Hewitt
Francis C. Holmes Endowment Fund
Helen W. Holmes Endowment Fund
Lyman A. Holmes
Edward S. Howe
Helen D. Howe
Elizabeth Huff
Alice Winslow Hunt Endowment Fund
Abbie W. Jackson
Clara Jackson Endowment Fund
Eben Jordan
Mary B. Kent
Herman & Aligail Johnson
Francis Keville Memorial Trust
Marie L. Kirby
Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Knight
Elizabeth B. Lombard Endowment Fund
Sara E. Loughlin
Charles Clark Macomber Trust
Marion F. Macomber
Ada L. May Trust
Frances Louise Monroe Trust
Helen D. Montgomery
Helen W. Morton
Mansfield S. O’Brien Endowment Fund
Clementine L. O’Neill Trust
John W. Packard
Stephen Paine
Albert N. Parlin Endowment Fund
Richard K. Patrick
Horace Pavesi Memorial Fund
Henry J. Peck Endowment Fund
Helen L. Peterson Trust
Ethel H. Phillips
Byron C. Quimby Endowment Fund
Dorothy B. Reed
Cordelia W. Richard Endowment Fund
Alcide & Esther Ruffini Memorial Fund
Elizabeth B. Sampson Endowment Fund
Phoebe B. Shirley
Winslow F. Sears &
Dorothy M. Sears Fund
Dorothy M. Sears Trust
Louise Sgarzi Endowment Fund
Orfeo Sgarzi
Dr. Elmer A. Shaw
Memorial Fund
Ruth Sherman
Helen L. Shiff Memorial Fund
Clara H. Shirley Endowment Fund
George Smalley Endowment Fund
August Drew Spinney Endowment Fund
William C. Symington Endowment Fund
Herman & Abigail C. Thomas Endowment Fund
William Appleton Thomas Endowment Fund
Marcus Urann Foundation
Josephine E. Vancini
Beatrice Vecchi
Whipple Trust
George H. Williams Endowment Fund
Winthrop Church Winslow Endowment Fund

Second Century of Caring 2001 - 2100

Estate of Joseph R. & Ella M. Place, which also established The Joseph R. and Ella M. Place Endowment Fund
Estate of Priscilla Crocker Archibald
Estate of Brooks Barnes
Estate of Helen C. Belcher
Estate of Marjorie S. Belcher
The Marjorie S. and Helen C. Belcher Endowment Fund
Estate of Bruna M. Bell
Estate of Jean Blessington
Estate of Marie Blessington
Estate of Vera S. Blood
Elinor Cavicchi
Susan W. Chamberlain
Elinor Clapp
Estate of Clara F. Clapp
Doad Danner and Emily Lou Hewitt Endowment Fund
Estate of Elisabeth W. Dennett
Allan A. Eaton
Estate of Raymond J. Enos
Estate of Pauline M. Fisher
Estate of Timothy J. Floyd
Celia C. Foss
James T. Frame
Melvin E. Fryer
Estate of Thomas L. Gillespie
Nelson J. Govani
Frank G. & Mae C. Grieves
Phyllis Hughes Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Horton v The Jordan Family Fund in memory of Ellis Brewster, Dr. Harold H. Hamilton, & Lothrop Withington, Sr.
Patrick J. Kelly
Muriel Kindberg
Carol E. Lamb
Estate of Adova A. Lenari
Harvey and Mary LeSueur
Estate of Gladys LoVerde
Malcolm and Emily MacNaught
Estate of Caroline R. McLean, to establish the Donald L. and Caroline R. McLean Endowed Fund
Tina L. Montali
Estate of Ellen W. Parkisv Martin and Joan Person
Dr. Robert H. and Pauline Querzé
Patrick and Barbara Roche
Barbara J. Reardon
Aurelia Rezendes
Ethel B. Salmon
Estate of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sayce
Estate of Ida M. Scagliarini
Georgia Schlepegrell
Estate of Marion L. Scott
William H. Shepard
Estate of Dr. Richard M. Shiff, to establish the Dr. Richard M. Shiff and Helen L. Shiff Endowed Memorial Fund
Estate of Edward and Aldona Silks
William F. Spang
The Sykes Family, to establish The Lawrence A. & Frances W. Sykes Endowment Fund
Jean and Ramona Tariot
Howard and Ann H. Thompson
Mrs. Rosamond Thompson
Fred W. and Priscilla A. Trezise
Estate of W. Gordon and Lois Tucker
Estate of David H. & Marea C. Tully
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C.Vose, Jr.

275 Sandwich Street
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 746-2000

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