Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth

Campaign Gifting and Naming Opportunities


R Indicates areas already gifted and named

The Pavilion: $2  million
A new 91,900 square foot building housing the Hospital’s main entrance with its multi-story Atrium and lobbies, a new Surgery Center, a new Medical/Surgical Unit, and expanded space for the Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth Club Cancer Center.
The Atrium: $1 million
A new main entrance to the Hospital, featuring a sunlit, multi-story Atrium, concierge and information stations, a patient registration area, gift shop and café, and central access to the main Hospital corridors. 

Patient Registration Area        $50,000 
Elevators for Public Use (2) each at $50,000
Volunteer Workroom                    $30,000
Concierge/Information Stations    each at $25,000
Children’s Play Room   $25,000
Café Seating Area   $20,000

The Surgery Center: $500,000
Featuring eight operating rooms, an adjacent recovery area, the Ellison Day Surgery Unit, a comfortable lounge for families and friends, and central sterile supply area.

Family and Visitors Lounge    $100,000
PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) $100,000 
(includes 31 patient bays in day surgery)
Operating Rooms (8) each at $50,000
Nurses Stations (3) each at $50,000
Conference Room   $25,000
Physician and Staff Lounges (2) each at $5,000

Medical/Surgical Unit: $500,000
There are 30 patient rooms: 34 beds in 26 private and 4 semi-private rooms

Family and Visitors Lounge  $100,000
Nurses Stations (2) each at  $50,000
Patient Rooms (30) each at  30,000 
Private Family Meeting Room $25,000
Conference Room  $25,000
Consultation Room  $10,000
Physician On Call Rooms (6) each at  $5,000

In The Birthplace:

New Advanced Nursery    $100,000
Nurses Station  $50,000
Dedicated Operating Room   $50,000

In the Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth Club Cancer Center:

Linear Accelerator Treatment Room    $500,000
R Chemotherapy Suite  $100,000(with 12 patient bays)
Nurses Stations (2) each at $  50,000
Exam Rooms for Radiation Therapy (4) each at  $ 10,000
Exam Rooms for Medical Oncology (6) each at  $ 10,000

In the Diagnostic Imaging Center:

Mobile Technology Suite and Dock  $250,000
New CT Scan Suite   $100,000
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Suite  $100,000
Bone Density Room   $30,000
Ultrasound Imaging Rooms  (6)  each at $  25,000

The Jordan Campaign offers an opportunity for all of us to participate and invest in the future of our community. Those who contribute to the success of this campaign will be partners and investors in one of the most valuable resources our community needs – a full service, high quality community medical center for the 21st century.

If you would like more information, or to express your desire to support this very critical project, call Cindy Outhouse at the Jordan Health Foundation office at 508-830-2420.

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