Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth

Phase I Components

Recent land purchases from Plymouth County and a private owner have expanded the Hospital’s campus from 16 acres to 40.  The existing hospital footprint occupies 251,853 square feet; Phase I of the expansion project will include a new pavilion with approximately 91,900 square feet of additional space.

Phase I Key Components:
A new Surgery Center, which will feature:

  • Eight operating rooms;
  • An adjacent recovery area for increased continuity of care; 
  • A day surgery unit that will satisfy increasing demand for surgery scheduling;
  • Comfortable, attractive waiting space for families and friends;
  • Relocation and expansion of central sterile supply services for enhanced workflow and greater efficiency;
  • A 34-bed Medical/Surgical Unit, to help us meet the growing demand for inpatient services;
  • Expansion of The Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth Club Cancer Center, including;
  • Additional infusion rooms for medical oncology;
  • The purchase of an upgraded linear accelerator and other technological enhancements for radiation therapies.

Renovation and enhancements for diagnostic imaging services such as Ultrasound, MRI, and CT scanners, including;

  • The relocation and expansion of a mobile technology suite and dock with dressing rooms, a consult room, and other amenities for increased patient privacy. This will allow us to continue to offer additional advanced imaging and treatment services for our patients. The use of mobile units enables Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth to make the latest technologies available to patients more quickly.

Renovations to The BirthPlace, including:

  • A new advanced nursery with five bassinets, an isolation room, and technical enhancements to help newborns who need extra care to get a good start in life;
  • Renovations to the existing 13-bassinet nursery;
  • An additional surgical suite on the same floor dedicated to obstetrics and gynecology patients;
  • A triage area for outpatient testing;
  • A revamped nurses station for greater efficiency;
  • A new main entrance to the Hospital campus featuring a sunlit, multi-story atrium, concierge and information desk, a patient registration center, and central access to the main hospital corridors;
  • A new, dedicated street off of Obery Street for direct access to the Hospital campus;
  • Additional parking for patients, visitors and staff, and for those drawn to the Hospital for its valuable community health seminars, classes, and programs.

 “My vision for Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth includes the development of specific areas or “centers of surgical excellence” that will complement our state-of-the-art oncology service and radiation therapies. This Campaign will allow us too acquire the highly skilled medical expertise, technology, facilities, and equipment we will need to deliver the next generation of critical programs and services to our community.”
- Dr. Bernard Durante, Chief of Surgery


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