Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth

A Message From the Campaign Chair

Phyllis J. Hughes“I would do almost anything for Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth – it’s that important to me, and should be to everybody else who lives here.
Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth is a wonderful healing place with truly exceptional people who care about us.  If we take pride in our community, we must take pride in the Jordan, and be generous in supporting this dynamic institution.

The people of Plymouth and the surrounding communities have forged an enduring, powerful relationship with Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth – it’s the story of a steadfast mission, mutual commitment, and triumph over many obstacles.  Given the hospital’s need to meet the steep rise in service demand, while keeping abreast of advances in medical and pharmaceutical science and the challenging costs of ever-evolving technology, philanthropy has never been more important. The time has come to take extraordinary steps and rekindle our community’s spirit of giving to the hospital.  Our gifts to this campaign will ensure the Jordan’s future, and our own.”

Campaign Steering Committee
Phyllis J. Hughes, Chair
Frederic M. Clifford, Vice Chair
Edward W. Santos, Vice Chair
Robert J. Kelly
Stephen M. Minsky
R. Scott Oliver, M.D.
Cynthia Outhouse
Honorary Chairs
Jean and Marie Blessington
Douglas Danner, Esq.
Geraldine V. and Clark A. Griffith
Emmy Lou Hewitt
Raymond Russo, D.V.M.
Richard M. Shiff, O.D.
John G. Talcott

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