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Exemplar Information

An exemplar is a written paper about a critical incident in which you feel your intervention really made a difference in the patient outcome, either directly or indirectly (by helping other staff/clinicians).  It may be:

  • An incident that went unusually well
  • An incident in which there was a breakdown (things did not go as planned)
  • An incident that is very ordinary or typical
  • An incident that you think captures the true essence of what nursing is about
  • An incident that was particularly demanding

You should include the following in your exemplar:

  • Context (shift, date, time of day, resources)
  • A detailed description of what happened
  • Why the event is ‘critical’ to you
  • What your concerns were at the time
  • What you were feeling at the time of the event and after the event
  • What, if anything, you found demanding at the time
  • How you made you patient care decisions or solved the identified problems
  • How you communicated and collaborated with the patient, the family, and/or other members of the healthcare team
  • How you demonstrated at least one of the following qualities of caring, compassion, empathy, patience, ability to cope, self-esteem, sense of humor, trust/faith, camaraderie, knowledge/learning and openness to change

       The Clinical Advancement Program decided to require an exemplar as part of your application because as nurses we are always learning and gaining knowledge through the people we meet on a daily basis.  However, we may not realize how much we have learned or gained until we stop and think about our practice.  Writing an exemplar is a really good way to slow down and learn something more about you as a nurse.
       Furthermore, by writing an exemplar that describes the intervention and the thoughts that led you to the decisions and particular interventions you chose, you will be creating a snapshot of your practice.  You will be giving the CAP committee your perception of the level you see yourself functioning at.

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