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Clinical Advancement Program Levels


Criteria to apply to the Clinical Advancement Program will be as follows:

1. The nurse has been employed by Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth for at least one (1) year
2. The nurse must be a member of the MNA Bargaining Unit
3. This program is a voluntary program

The Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth Clinical Advancement Program will have three (3) levels:

1. Clinical Nurse I (Competent):

Description:  Those practicing at the Clinical Nurse I level have acquired broad experience in caring for patients and have developed a sound understanding about the care of a particular patient population. They act as a resource to other clinicians in their practice area and actively act as strong advocates for patients. They routinely draw on learned facts and experiences as well as an understanding of possible outcomes when designing a plan of care.

Attainment: 10-14 points
                Minimum: 8 points from Professional Activities & 2 points from Exemplar
Renewal: 10 points every two (2) years
Bonus: $1000.00/year

Consistently completes initial data base
Applies norms to analyze collected data
Considers all major options to determine patient care needs/problems
Plans care using conscious, deliberate problem solving
Responds immediately to changes in patient presentation
Sets priorities based on mix of assigned patients
Follows clinical procedures and guidelines
Consistently collects data on impact of interventions
Compares new and changing information to current practice
Revises plan based on Standard Nursing Practice to meet immediate patient needs 2.

2. Clinical Nurse II (Proficient):

Description: Nurses at the Clinical Nurse II level will have acquired in-depth knowledge about the care of a particular patient population and an appreciation for the many factors that influence care. They focus on probabilities versus possibilities in a given clinical situation. They influence practice on their units by sharing their knowledge and/or putting systems or resources in place to ensure excellence in patient care.

Attainment: 15-21 points
                Minimum: 12 from Professional Activities & 3 points from Exemplar
Renewal: 15 points every two (2) years
Bonus: $2000.00/year

Identifies interrelationships among pieces of data
Integrates data to determine problems/needs related to typical course and complications
Recognizes deviations from typical course
Plans multiple, complex patient care demands
Modifies plan in response to events
Sets priorities using sources of information from unit and beyond
Adjusts clinical procedures and guidelines to the needs of the individual patients
Identifies interrelationships among pieces of evaluation data
Recognizes when expected norms do not materialize
Integrates data to revise plan to met needs during course of care

3. Clinical Nurse III (Expert):

Description: The nurse at the Clinical Nurse III level will demonstrate foresight in planning patient care, are recognized as experts in their area of practice, and are adept at negotiating conflict and collaborating with others. They are able to respond intuitively to patient needs and to comfortably engage in clinically sound risk taking.

Attainment: 22 points and greater
                Minimum: 18 points from Professional Activities & 4 points from Exemplar
Renewal: 22 points every two (2) years
Bonus: $2500.00/year

Using large amount of previous experience, intuitively grasps situations and zeroes in on critical regions of problems
Recognizes patterns, similarities and differences in presentation to determine most likely course
Identifies subtle indicators of changes in patients
Uses foresight in anticipating changes in patient presentation
Plans care to prevent complications and maximize good outcomes
Sets priorities within the context of current presentation and the patient’s life/goals
Develop innovative solutions
Uses best practice methodology to evaluate effectiveness of clinical practice
Adjusts practice over time based on evaluation of effectiveness and current research
Facilitates system changes to improve care for similar patients in the future

Bonus payments are paid in full, regardless of the number of hours a nurse is scheduled to work.

275 Sandwich Street
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 746-2000

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