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Physician Specialty
Abrams, Matthew  Oncology, Radiation 
Abu Bakar, Injil  Family Medicine 
Andersen, Peter  Anesthesiology 
Atkin, Russell  OB/GYN 
Atkin, Kathryn  Nurse Practitioner; OB/GYN 
Aveni, Steven   Dentistry, General 
Avraham, Ron  Physiatry (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) 
Ayers, Katherine  Dermatology 
Balasubramanian, Padma  Endocrinology 
Bardawil, Ronald  Pathology 
Barthold, II, Harold Joseph  Oncology, Radiation 
Baum, Alfred  Internal Medicine; Geriatrics 
Bennett, Kerry  Surgery, Breast Cancer 
Bentivegna, Peter   Courtesy Staff; Plastic Surgery 
Betteridge, David  Radiology 
Blanco, Ramon  Pathology 
Blasberg, III, Arthur  Pediatrics 
Blegen, III, Halward  Internal Medicine 
Bodie, Lelia Ann  Pediatrics 
Bouldin-Currier, Hope  Midwifery 
Branca, Glenn  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 
Brown, Ellen  Occupational Medicine 
Browning, Thomas  Internal Medicine 
Buonanno, Ferdinando   Consulting Staff; Neurology 
Calisto-Cooney, Marietta  Pediatrics 
Campos, Christian   Thoracic Surgery; Surgery 
Cassidy, Vernaliza  Pediatrics 
Cataen, Erin  Nurse Practitioner; Endocrinology 
Chandler, Regina  Nurse Practitioner; Surgery, Vascular 
Chang, John  Consulting Staff 
Chen, David  Courtesy Staff; Ophthalmology 
Chen, Wenliang  Surgery, Laparoscopic; Surgery 
Chilukuri, Ananthakrishna  Consulting Staff 
Clark, Nathaniel  Endocrinology 
Coakley, Christopher  Internal Medicine; Endocrinology 
Cody, Thomas  Family Medicine 
Cody, Stephanie  Hospitalist; Wound Care 
Colello, Scott  Chiropractic 
Collyer, Megan  Family Medicine 
Costa, John  Courtesy Staff; Allergy & Asthma 
Cressman, Peter  Orthodontics 
Cueni, Lorenz  Cardiology; Internal Medicine 
Curry, Michael  Gastroenterology 
Da Costa, Anabela  Hospitalist 
Davis, Mark  Pathology 
Dekki, George  Hospitalist; Internal Medicine 
Dekki, George  Hospitalist 
Del Riccio, Veronica   OB/GYN 
Delia, Stephen  Plastic Surgery 
Densmore, Agnes  Midwifery 
DiBenedetto, David  Dentistry, General 
Dominguez, Mario  Family Medicine; Primary Care 
Dorsch, Terryl  Podiatry 
Dorvill, Cassandra  Primary Care 
Dowd, Cheryl  Neonatology 
Downing, Diane "Shelly"  Midwifery 
Dube, Stephen  Cardiology; Internal Medicine 
Durante, Bernard  Otolaryngology; Surgery 
Early, Carolyn  Oncology, Medical 
Eisen, Richard  Dermatology 
Eisenberg, Bradley  Hospitalist 
El Zoghbi, Maysaa  Gastroenterology; Endoscopy 
El-Amine, Adnan  Internal Medicine 
Engel, Michael  Consulting Staff 
Eubanks, Mark  Family Medicine 
Fairfield, Scott  Emergency Medicine 
Fanuele, Jason  Orthopedic Surgery 
Farber, Jeffrey  Dermatology 
Fenoglietto, Talia  Chiropractic; Spine Care 
Ferley, Lisa  Neurology 
Fine, Colleen  Radiology 
Finley, Mark  Chiropractic 
Fountain, Ramsey  Pediatrics 
Francoeur, Laura  OB/GYN; Midwifery 
Frantz, Ivan  Neonatology; Courtesy Staff 
Fung, Claire  Oncology, Radiation 
Gadenne, Anne-Sophie  Dermatology 
Galvin, James  Radiology 
Gannon, Jr., David  Courtesy Staff 
Garcia, Antonio   Hospitalist; Internal Medicine 
Garrett, Leslie   Gynecologic Oncology; OB/GYN 
Garson, Glen  Cardiology; Cardiac Catheterization 
Gaudet, Robert  Oncology, Medical 
Ghoshhajara, Monica  Allergy & Asthma; Immunology 
Giddings, James  Emergency Medicine 
Gillard, S. Craig  Urology; Urology 
Gilson, Meredith  Family Medicine 
Golden, Donna  Nurse Practitioner; Wound Care 
Golden, Joel  Anesthesiology 
Gorin , Daniel  Surgery, Vascular 
Grace, David  Internal Medicine; Geriatrics 
Grenn, Francis  Neurology; Neuro-ophthalmology 
Griever, Jr., William  Family Medicine 
Gross, Rachel  Rheumatology 
Gurevich, Irina  Oncology, Medical; Hematology 
Gutowski, Andrew  Anesthesiology 
Hall, Matt  Emergency Medicine 
Hamori, Christine   Courtesy Staff; Plastic Surgery 
Hanlon, Kristen  Chiropractic 
Hanna, Raafat  Internal Medicine; Endocrinology 
Hanna, Tharwat  Internal Medicine 
Harati, Nick  Internal Medicine 
Hardy, David  Hospitalist 
Harootunian, Christopher  Family Medicine 
Harvey, Kyle  Surgery, General 
Hebert, Richard  Nurse Practitioner 
Herec, David  Internal Medicine 
Hochstin, Stephan  Oncology, Medical; Hematology 
Hordejuk, Dariusz  Hospitalist 
Hughes, Sherrie  Hospitalist 
James, Susan  OB/GYN 
James, Scott  Surgery, Vascular; Surgery, General 
Johnson, Eric   Cardiology; Internal Medicine 
Kadrmas, Eddie  Courtesy Staff; Ophthalmology 
Kaplan, Stephen  Internal Medicine 
Kelly, David  Radiology 
Kenniston, Julia  Orthopedics; Surgery, Orthopedic 
Kistler, Dominick  Hospitalist 
Kitue, Lizzie  Midwifery 
Kociol, Robb  Cardiology 
Kohler, Ulrike  Internal Medicine 
Koomey, James  Oncology, Medical 
Kriegstein, Henry  Ophthalmology 
Ku, Thomas  Hospitalist; Internal Medicine 
Kylander, Deborah  Geriatrics; Palliative Care 
LaBaire, Patricia  Family Medicine 
Lane, William  Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery 
Lazowski, Piotr  Nephrology; Internal Medicine 
Leckie, Steven  Orthopedics; Spine Surgery 
Lee, Terrance  Emergency Medicine 
Li, Wei Gen   Hospitalist 
Lisbon, Alan  Anesthesiology 
MacDonald, Sandra  Dentistry, General 
Maher, Gerald  Dentistry, General 
Malin, Edward  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Plastic Surgery 
Mann, Caitlin  Family Medicine 
Manuel, Brad  Pain Management 
Manware, Michelle  OB/GYN 
Mara, Gregory  Chiropractic; Spine Care 
Marcel, Bruce  Gastroenterology; Endoscopy 
Marella, Paula  Podiatric Foot Surgery; Podiatry 
Marglin, Stephanie  Infectious Disease 
Marks, Donald  Neurology 
Martin, Tracey  Occupational Medicine 
McCarthy, Scott  Gastroenterology 
McColgan, Jennifer  Thoracic Surgery 
McIver, Peter  Family Medicine 
McLaughlin, Michael  Cardiology; Cardiovascular 
McManus, Brian  Cardiology; Internal Medicine 
Mello, Erika  OB/GYN 
Mendoza, Alejandro  Psychiatry 
Miller, Mackenzie   Midwifery 
Milt, Stephen  Courtesy Staff; Ophthalmology 
Min, Eric  Hospitalist; Internal Medicine 
Miraglia, Paul  Courtesy Staff 
Molloy, Philip  Rheumatology 
Moor, Benjamin   Anesthesiology; Pain Management 
Moore, Cecilia  Courtesy Staff; Podiatry 
Moore, Jr., Donald  Cardiology; Internal Medicine 
Moreau, Christina  Emergency Medicine 
Morse, Brian  Neurology 
Muido, Leo  Pediatrics 
Murphy, Alan  Neurosurgery 
Nahill, Robert  Internal Medicine; Pulmonary Medicine 
Narvaez, Gil  Consulting Staff 
Nedeljkovic, Zoran  Cardiovascular 
Ni, Glen  Anesthesiology 
North, Michelle  OB/GYN 
Northrop, M. Fredrick  Internal Medicine 
O'Brien, Daniel  Courtesy Staff; Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery 
O'Connor, Daniel  Ophthalmology 
O'Connor, Brigid  Oncology, Radiation 
Oats, Michael  Courtesy Staff; Ophthalmology 
Okpaku, Aubrey  Neurosurgery 
Oliver, R. Scott  Chief of Surgery; Orthopedic Surgery 
Oliver, Mitchell  Internal Medicine; Gastroenterology 
Oliwa, Neil  Anesthesiology 
Olsen, Gwen  Midwifery 
Olson, Jessica  Midwifery; Midwifery 
Olson, Robert  Internal Medicine; Cardiology 
Paolini, Rosemarie  Psychiatry 
Paskowski, Ian  Chiropractic; Spine Care 
Patel, Anit  Otolaryngology; Surgery 
Peters, Shane  Nurse Practitioner; OB/GYN 
Petit, Kevin  Courtesy Staff 
Pettinato, John  Neurology 
Prodanovic, Daniela   Gastroenterology 
Qasem, Khaled Sheikah   Hospitalist 
Rana, M.  Neurology 
Rangan, Vikram  Gastroenterology; Endoscopy 
Rediger, Jeffrey  Psychiatry 
Reed, Kenneth  Consulting Staff; Dermatology 
Reilly, Aimee  Anesthesiology 
Reines, Louis  Surgery, Colorectal; Surgery, General 
Rightmire, Eric  Orthopedics; Surgery 
Ritucci, Robert  Orthodontics 
Roberts, Marisa  Emergency Medicine 
Robke, Gregory   Internal Medicine 
Rosand, Jonathan  Consulting Staff 
Rosenblum, Barry  Podiatric Foot Surgery 
Ross, Brittany   Midwifery 
Rost, Natalie  Consulting Staff 
Rowles, Jason  Surgery, Orthopedic 
Russo, Jonathan  Gastroenterology; Endoscopy 
Ryan, Elizabeth  Psychology 
Saad, Ramzi  Consulting Staff; Dermatology 
Sachs, Robyn  Surgery, Breast Cancer 
Saluti, Carolyn  Pediatrics; Sports Medicine 
Sarin, Ritu  Emergency Medicine 
Sastre, Marcos  Consulting Staff; Dermatology 
Scarlatelli, Robert  Cardiovascular; Cardiology 
Schaub, Charles  Emergency Medicine 
Scheub, Kimberly  Emergency Medicine 
Schippers, Louis  Psychology 
Segal, Shimon  Fertility; OB/GYN 
Shephard, Barbara  Neonatology; Pediatrics 
Sherman, Jenna   Emergency Medicine 
Shestak, Christopher   Emergency Medicine 
Siddeswarappa, Madhu  Surgery, General 
Singh, Sushil  Cardiology; Cardiac Electrophysiology 
Skonieczny, Michael  Podiatry; Podiatric Foot Surgery 
Smith, Sherree  Courtesy Staff; Podiatry 
Snyder, Benjamin  Orthopedic Surgery; Orthopedics 
Snyder, Michael   Emergency Medicine 
Spector, Rona  Thoracic Surgery 
Stanwood, Jeannine  Courtesy Staff; Pediatrics 
Stanwood, Walter  Orthopedics; Surgery 
Staula, Samuel  Chiropractic; Spine Care 
Stearns, Jay  Consulting Staff; Psychiatry 
Stillerman, Roy  Hospitalist 
Stonely, Wesley  Emergency Medicine 
Strecker, Richard  Ophthalmology 
Stuhlfaut, Joshua  Radiology 
Tague, David  Consulting Staff 
Taylor, Lisa  Internal Medicine 
Teixeira, Alex  Gastroenterology 
Tenerowicz, Mark  Emergency Medicine 
Teran, Brett  Physiatry (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) 
Thangaraj, Arthi  Pulmonary Medicine 
Thomas, Tenny   Emergency Medicine 
Tierney, Matthew  Surgery, Laparoscopic; Surgery, Vascular 
Townshend, Lois  Ophthalmology 
Trecartin, Kyle  Emergency Medicine 
Trehu, Stephen  Radiology 
Valsky, Eugene  Cardiology 
Vigna, Paul  Pathology 
Vlagopoulos, Panagiotis  Nephrology; Internal Medicine 
Walsh, Jessica  Pediatrics 
Wang, Xiao  Emergency Medicine 
Wargovich, James  Pulmonary Medicine; Internal Medicine 
Wax, Frederick  Dermatology 
Wengryn, John  Internal Medicine; Pulmonary Medicine 
Wennemer, Heidi  Physiatry (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) 
Whelan, Jill  Cardiovascular 
White, Debra  Oncology, Medical 
Wong, Matthew  Emergency Medicine 
Wong, Edward  Consulting Staff 
Woods, Warren  Courtesy Staff; Dentistry, General 
Yorns, Lindsay  Primary Care 
Youssef, Yvette  Hospitalist 
Zabilski, Joseph  Orthopedics; Surgery 

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