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Beth Israsel Deaconess Hospital - Plymouth


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Your Plan of Care

The tests and treatments you receive are determined by your clinical needs as assessed by your doctor.  Many tests and treatments are done in your room.  However, for those tests that require special equipment, such as x-ray, nuclear medicine, cardiopulmonary testing or rehabilitative services, you will be transported via wheelchair or stretcher to those areas.  All test and treatment results are reported to your physician who will discuss results with you.  All medications you receive as a patient have been prescribed by your doctor and will be administered by a nurse.  The hospital pharmacy supplies all medications ordered during your stay.

Your Patient Care Team
Your care is determined by and coordinated by your physician.  He or she prescribes treatment, orders all medications, examinations, tests, diets and gives instruction for your medical care. During your stay, you may be cared for by one of Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth’s in-house physicians, who will work closely with your physician.  Experienced nurses manage your day-to-day care. They are responsible for assessing and reassessing your needs and implementing the plan of care.  They carry out specific therapeutic procedures and coordinate the many specially trained therapists, technicians, dietitians and service personnel who may treat or assist you.  Nurses are assisted by certified nursing aides, unit coordinators and at times, nursing students.

The hospital’s policy is that all employees wear photo identification badges indicating their name and position.  Do not hesitate to inquire about the kind of work performed by the various personnel you will meet.

Communicating with Your Patient Care Team
If you have any questions about any aspect of your care, please discuss them with your physician or a member of your patient care team.  If you need urgent help or assistance at any time, use the nurse intercom call system located near your bed and a member of the team will respond.  There are emergency nurse call buttons in all bathrooms.

Pain Management
Patients have the right to the appropriate assessment and management of pain.  Upon admission, and throughout your stay, your caregiver will ask you to evaluate your pain intensity on a scale of 1 to 10.  Your pain management plan will be adjusted according to your response and other vital signs.  If your discomfort changes during your stay, it is important that you communicate this to your caregiver.

Interpreter Services
If you need interpreter services at any time during your hospital stay please notify a member of your patient care team.  In conjunction with the Language Line and the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the Interpreter Services Department is able to provide patients with trained and competent medical interpreters, speaking more than 140 different languages, including American Sign Language.

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Social Services
Social workers are available to help you and your family cope with family, job, financial, social or emotional issues that often accompany an illness or injury.  Any patient, family member, physician or nurse may request assistance from social services professionals.

For Your Spiritual/Religious Needs
At the time of admission, you will be asked your religion and church/synagogue affiliation.  Unless you specify otherwise, this information is made available to the local clergy through the facility directory so that they may visit members of their congregations who are hospitalized.  Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth’s chaplaincy program includes an interfaith chaplain, a Catholic chaplain and specially trained lay volunteers who are available to visit patients at their request.  Eucharistic ministers bring communion to Catholic patients.  Pastoral clergy and volunteers bring a spiritual presence and provide comfort and strength to patients, families and staff.

There is a quiet, private meditation room for families and patients located on the 3rd floor.  If you have individual concerns or worries, you can write them in a prayer book located in the meditation room, to be prayed for daily by the pastoral services department.  If you wish to see a chaplain or to have your own clergy person contacted, please call pastoral services at ext. 2260 or ext. 2626 or speak with a member of your patient care team.

Advance Directives
In Massachusetts, you can make legally valid decisions about your medical treatment through a health care proxy.  In a health care proxy, you appoint a person to make health care decisions for you, in the event that you can no longer make them.  You also will need to appoint an alternate, in case your designee is unable to serve.  If you would like to incorporate limitations on your designee’s decision-making, you may do so in a health care proxy.

If you already have a health care proxy, please tell your physician and your nurse.  A copy of the documents must be included in your medical record to ensure that your wishes are honored.  If you do not have an existing proxy and wish to create one, please ask your nurse to contact Social Services.  It is a policy of this hospital to honor a patient’s health care decision to the full extent required or allowed by law.  You are not required to have an advance directive to receive care at Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth.

Organ Donation
Modern medicine has made great progress in battling disease through surgery and medicine.  Many people are helped each day at Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth by such efforts.  However, there are occasions when the best there is to offer is not sufficient to save a life.  In these situations, the option of organ or tissue donation may be something to consider.  Thousands of area residents are critically ill and waiting for an organ transplant to save their lives.  Unless someone is willing to be a donor, many of them will die.  Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth participates in the local, regional and national efforts of organ donation.  Organ and tissue donor cards are available from the hospital along with brochures that answer common questions.  For more information, please ask your nurse or call the New England Organ Bank at 1-800-446-6362.

Ethics Forum
Medical care today can be complex and is getting more so.  The technology available can cause confusion and often adds to the feelings of concern in patients, family members and even health care providers.  Whether the concern is related to a machine, such as a respirator, or a discussion of what the patient and family really want, patients, families and team members may feel a need for an ethics consultation.  The ethics forum offers another perspective on the issue at hand, similar to a second opinion in medicine.  When an ethics consult is agreed to, the ethics forum convenes a team to consult with the medical staff and caregivers and with the patient and family.  Efforts are made to clarify ethical issues and to encourage communication regarding consideration of other options.  The purpose of the consultation is to facilitate resolution of the dilemma to the satisfaction of those involved to the extent possible.  The Ethics Forum consultation respects the privacy and maintains the confidentiality of all who are involved. 

You may ask your doctor, nurse or any patient care team member to arrange an ethics forum for you.  Outside the hospital you may call 508-830-2102.  Inside the hospital you may call ext. 2102.  Administration will respond to your request.

Condition Reports/Patient Information Policy
Unless you request otherwise, our volunteers who staff the Patient Information Desk will let callers know whether you are a patient here and, if asked, will give your condition in this manner: undetermined, treated and released, good, fair, serious, critical or treated and transferred.  If you do not wish any information to be released about your hospitalization, be sure to advise us upon admission. 

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