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Health Topic of the Month

June, 2013

Building Health and Treating Disease

Managing our health and healthcare is changing today, for the better. We asked Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth Senior Vice President of System Development, James Fanale, MD, how prevention keeps us well as we age, and at any age.

March, 2013

Get the Most Out Of Your Doctor Appointment

A doctor’s visit is one of the most valuable steps you can take to keep yourself healthy. We spoke with Mario Dominguez, MD, family practice physician and director of Primary Care Services at Jordan Physician Associates, to get his advice on getting the most out of your next appointment.

June/July, 2012

Serious Safety for Summer Skin

Researchers estimate that 1 in 50 men and women will be diagnosed with melanoma of the skin during their lifetime. Severe sunburn can be serious in the short term and may require medical attention. We asked Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth Emergency Department physician, Mark DeMatteo, MD, to share tips on playing it safe in the sun and what to do if you get burned.

March, 2011

Sinus Relief

Thirty-seven million Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis: blocked sinuses, loss of sense of smell, recurring headache, and a feeling of pressure on the face. Sometimes symptoms interfere with daily life, leading people to discuss surgery with specialists. We asked Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth Otolaryngologists Dr. Bernard Durante and Dr. Anit Patel to share their best advice on keeping sinuses clear.

February, 2011

Back Pain During Pregnancy

The joys of pregnancy are many, but they are often accompanied by some discomfort as well. One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is back pain. We asked Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth Obstetrician Dr. Beverley Savage and Chiropractor Dr. Talia Fenoglietto to share their advice on how to minimize back pain during pregnancy.

November, 2010

Arthritis, Back Pain & Pain Management

No surprise, back pain is affecting 90% of those over 30 at some point during their lives. And along with that back pain many of us experience neck, shoulder and hip pain as well. We asked Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth specialists, Drs. Eric P. Rightmire, MD, Daniel S. Cook, MD, and Ian Paskowski, DC, to share some insights about pain prevention, treatment and management.

September, 2010

Lightening the Backpack Load: A Forward Lean Means Put Less in the Back Pack

With children trudging off to school, leaders in the spine care field have a few pointers for a child’s posture that boil down to this: take a load off your back. The heavy hitters in the field, The American Physical Therapy Association, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and the American Chiropractic Association, all recommend reducing the weight students pack with the goal of reducing and preventing back pain.

Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth Spine Care Program Medical Director Dr. Ian Paskowski provides some advice on why we should lighten students’ daily loads.

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