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24 Hour Urine Collection

Instructions for patient  

Your physician has asked you to provide a 24-hr urine specimen for testing.
You can help ensure the accuracy of these tests by reading and following the
instructions below.

1.  Check with your physician before discontinuing any medications, over the
     counter or prescription.  There may be certain foods to avoid eating as
     well.  Discuss this with your doctor before starting the test.

2.  Your specimen container from the md office or lab may contain a
     preservative.  Do not dispose of the preservative, keep it out of the
     reach of children, and do not void directly into the container.  Use a
     clean cup to urinate and pour carefully into the larger container.

3.  Do not exceed your normal intake of liquids during the collection period
     unless you are instructed to do so by your physician.

4.  The 24-hour collection may begin at the point "just after" you void and
     empty your bladder.  The starting time will be the time you discard this
     first specimen.  Note the date and start time on the container.  Record
     your height and weight on the container for result calculations.

5.  Collect all urine after the starting point for the next 24 hours.  Do not
     miss any collections.  Volume accuracy is critical for calculation and
     resulting of the test.  The container should be on ice or refrigerated
     during this entire time.

6.  Make your final collection when you empty your bladder at approximately 24
     hours after the start time and add this to complete the collection. 

7.  Bring the specimen to the laboratory as soon as possible after completion.
     Be sure to bring the orders with you along with the starting date and time
     as well as your height and weight.  You will need to register in the
     computer when you arrive so insurance information can be obtained.

8.  For the test "creatinine clearance" you will need to have a blood specimen
     drawn within a short time of the 24 hour collection.  Please check with
     the lab personnel before leaving any specimen.

Following the above instructions will lead to a more accurate resulting of the
tests requested.  To avoid re-collection please take the time to understand
them completely and call your physician for any medical questions or call the
lab with questions regarding collection.   Jordan Lab: 508-830-2170.

275 Sandwich Street
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 746-2000

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